Creative Challenges

Every other week a new creative challenge tasks participants with using one piece of household material to reimagine a selected artwork from the CMA’s collection. The assigned materials will be surprising, flexible, and widely accessible!

Creations can be shared using #CMACreate for a chance to be reposted to the CMA’s Instagram stories.

Masking Tape

Use only tape to re-create Martin Puryear’s Alien Huddle or any other artwork in the CMA’s collection. Check out the alternate views on the CMA’s Collection Online to explore its surprising shape from all angles!


Pablo Picasso’s still life Bottle, Glass, Fork, depicts a corked bottle, a wineglass, a folded newspaper, a knife, and a fork on a table. Can you find them all? Next, re-create this painting using only loose change!

Baking Flour

Arm of Eve, by Albrecht Dürer, is a preparatory drawing for life-size panels of Adam and Eve in the Museo del Prado, Madrid. Now it’s your turn to re-create any artwork in the CMA’s collection using only baking flour!

Salt and Pepper

Pass the salt! Re-create Thomas Moran’s Smelting Works at Denver or any other artwork in the CMA’s collection using only salt and pepper. Did you know smelting is the extraction of metal from heated rock? Smelting transformed Denver into an industrial hub in the late 1800s.


In Blue Rational/Irrational, Al Loving, the artist, evokes a 3-D space using creative and strategic layering. How many cubes can you see? Now it’s your chance to recreate any artwork from the CMA’s collection using only toothpicks! 

Rice and Dried Beans

Georges Seurat drops the viewer right into the audience in his Café-Concert. Café-concerts were popular places of entertainment in Paris during the late 1800s and usually featured singers or other forms of vaudeville entertainers. Try using rice and dried beans or other common dry goods to re-create any artwork in the CMA’s collection.


Batter up! The artist Claes Oldenburg makes supersized recreations of everyday objects such as Standing Mitt with Ball. Now it’s your turn to reimagine this artwork or any CMA artwork using only cardboard. 


Let nature inspire you in this challenge—recreate Picasso’s Twenty Poems of Gongora: The Bust of a Woman, Hand to Her Face, using only sticks!

Aluminum Foil

Use only aluminum foil to re-create the CMA’s Half Armor for the Foot Tournament. Did you know that Pompeo della Cesa, the maker of this armor, was the Armani or Gucci of the 1500s? Everyone wanted to wear his designs!


Hold the milk! Use only cereal to reimagine the CMA’s The Pink Cloud .


Head outside for this creativity challenge! Re-create Still Life with Birds and Fruit using only rocks.

Lego or Blocks

Reimagine the CMA’s Peacock Table Lamp, using only Legos or blocks. Use our Collection Online to explore a 3-D model of the lamp—there’s even an animation that shows some surprising details about how the lamp works.

Kitchen Utensils

Wash your dirty dishes and get ready! Using only kitchen utensils, create the Must CMA object Tomb Guardian.

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