Copyright Policies

Ingalls Library Online Database Restrictions

The US Copyright Law (Title 17, US Code) governs the making of copies of copyrighted materials. The person using the databases offered here is liable for any infringement.

Following are general restrictions on the use of electronic databases. Others may also apply. Please request information from the director of Ingalls Library about restrictions associated with specific databases offered by the library:

  • Access is allowed only to employees of this institution at the employee’s desktop, or when allowed, to authorized visitors at the library’s online public access terminals.
  • Copies of data from the databases may be made as long as they do not contain substantial or significant segments of the databases.
  • Information from the databases may not be used for interlibrary lending, including the provision of copies to other libraries, institutions, or persons. No part of the databases may be transmitted over the internet.
  • Databases may be used only for noncommercial purposes, such as criticism, comment, news reporting, research, study, teaching, lecturing, and scholarship.

It is your responsibility to observe the legal use of copyrighted data and information.