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Stories from Storage

Sun, 02/07/2021 to Sun, 05/16/2021
The Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation Exhibition Hall and Gallery

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The Lock at Pontoise, 1872. Camille Pissarro. The Cleveland Museum of Art, 1990.7
The Republic of New Afrika at a Crossroads, 2016
A pendant (Hei-tiki), 1800s.  CMA 1969.107
Drawing studies, c. 1507–8 by Raphael. CMA 1978.37
Green Tara, c. 1260s. Tibet. The Cleveland Museum of Art, 1970.156
Jar, 1700s. Korea, Joseon dynasty (1392–1910). The Cleveland Museum of Art, 1983.28
Red-Figure Kylix (Drinking Cup), c. 480 BC. Attributed to Douris. CMA 508.1915
For Allegra, from My Ghost, 2014
Haverstraw Bay, 1868. Painting by Sanford Robinson Gifford. CMA 2011.43