Private Lives: Audio Tour

Use the ArtLens App to enjoy the music playing in the galleries of Private Lives: Home and Family in the Art of the Nabis, Paris, 1889–1900, from anywhere. Hear selections from Petites scènes familières (Familiar Little Scenes), an album of piano music composed by Pierre Bonnard’s brother-in-law, Claude Terrasse, in 1895, and recorded in 2021 by Arseniy Gusev for the occasion of this exhibition. 

Take the Tour:

  • Download the App: the ArtLens App (ArtLens Download Instructions) is available for FREE to download to iOS 12.4 or higher, or Android devices (5.0+). Visit cma.org/app on your mobile device to download. 
  • Launch the ArtLens App. On the home screen select "Tours."
  • Select the "Featured" section, then select the tour titled "Sounds of Paris."
  • Select the "Begin this Tour" button to start at the first stop. 

  • Select "Stop 1" to read information about the artwork.
  • Select the "play" icon to listen to the accompanying music.
  • In the media player view, double tap the screen to zoom in on the image of the artwork.