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1999.89 (1)
1999.89 (1)
Portrait of Samurai-Official: Hirai KyoseiHirai Kyosei
Tsukioka Settei (Japanese, 1710-1786) and 1 other
Portrait of Samurai-Official: Hirai Rinsei
attributed to Tsukioka Settei (Japanese, 1710-1786) and 1 other
Title, DateArtist / CultureAccession numberMediumDimensionsCredit lineRights
Pair of Portraits of Samurai-Officials: Hirai Kyosei and Hirai Rinsei
Sando Hyosho (Japanese) and 1 other
1999.89Hanging scrolls; ink and color on silkJohn L. Severance FundCCCC0