Art to Go Programs: Elementary School

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Museum Zoo: Animals in Art

Grade Level: 
Grades K-3 recommended

From prehistory to present times, visual artists have celebrated the beauty, power, playfulness, and terrifying aspects of animals, real and imaginary, in art. This Art To Go lesson is designed to introduce younger children to the nature of some of those animals living happily together in the Museum Zoo and to the myths, legends, and folk tales that surround them.

Native North American Art

Grade Level: 
Grades 2-6 recommended

Major geographic areas discussed include the Northeast, the Great Plains, the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest. Several objects are from pre-European contact sites in Ohio.

Oodles and Oodles of Lines and Shapes

Grade Level: 
Grades K-6 recommended

Students will be introduced to the art elements of line, shape, and form through a hands-on session with genuine art objects from a variety of world cultures.

Points of Contact: Europe and the Americas

Grade Level: 
Grades 5-12 Recommended

This lesson seeks to identify the geographic regions settled by France, England, and Spain, to identify the reasons settlers may have had to come to the New World, and the types of financial gain their backers hoped to realize by sending colonists there. Objects in the suitcase help students explore evidence of these native cultures early settlers brought with them, as well as ways we see these influences in our world today.

Problem Solving: What in the World?

Grade Level: 
Grades 2-12 recommended

This is an extremely interactive lesson where students are prompted to answer questions about art objects, such as "What is it made of? What does the design reveal about the culture that made it? How do you think it was used?" This encourages them to analyze the art objects and learn about the cultures that made them.

Repeat, Repeat, Pattern, Pattern

Grade Level: 
Grades K-6 recommended

Pattern is the repetition of any element-line, shape, or color, for example-in a design. What is being repeated is often referred to as a "motif." The objects included in Repeat, Repeat, Pattern, Pattern are full of motifs as diverse as diamonds, flowers, butterflies, birds, clouds, and mountains.