Silk Screening and Scavenger Hunts: Teen CO-OP at the CMA

 What do you get when you mix silk screening, scavenger hunts, 148 teenagers, and some of the world’s best masterpieces? A successful Teen Night at the Cleveland Museum of Art. On May 23rd, the museum’s own Teen CO-OP program hosted an event for high schoolers from the Cleveland area, and without a doubt, it was a hit. 



After months of planning and preparation, the Teen CO-OP hosted the event, inviting their peers from all over Cleveland to join in. Teens mingled, sampled popcorn, and dabbled in art. All were welcome, from the most talented artists to those who had no previous connection to art, and all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The theme of the event was “Black and White and Art All Over.” Teens were decked out in their finest black and white attire, but their nice outfits didn’t stop them from silk screening neon pink and black teen-created designs onto t-shirts throughout the night.

Teen Co-Op

Teen Co-Op

In the galleries, teen artists created portraits inspired by famous artists, and the atrium was abuzz with activities, excitement, conversation, and music. While some teens learned the art of silk screening, others explored the galleries in search of black and white works of art, got glammed up for Polaroid photos with the help of some props, had their portraits drawn, or did all of the above. The scavenger hunts brought teens to Gallery One, each finishing off their quest with Fred Wilson’s large sculptural chandelier, To Die Upon a Kiss.


At the end of the night, teens were already asking about next year’s event, eager to know the plans in store. With their inquiries in mind, next year the Teen CO-OP hopes to top this year’s event. So get ready for May 2015, because the teens are coming to the Cleveland Museum of Art!


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