Top 5 reasons to come to Art Hub Dialogue on Contemporary Art

We asked Meghan Olis, Affiliate Group Coordinator, to list her top reasons that you should come to Saturday's discussion on contemporary art issues with curators from four significant museums in the surrounding region. 1. It’s a symposium, so right there it’s different from a lecture. In classical Greece, these were basically intellectual drinking parties. Some profound philosophical ideas were bounced around at these parties. The Art Hub (although alcohol free) follows this ancient tradition of an open discussion, with a contemporary art twist! 2. This is a chance to hear contemporary art curators speak candidly about their professions and their love of art, as well as their hopes for the future. They will openly discuss issues that are important to them and to the contemporary art world in general, and you get to ask questions! Lots of questions! 3. These four curators come from Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Columbus, so you will be offered a view of other Midwestern art museums, resulting in a better understanding of what these cities and museums have in common, and their common goals for the future. Ever thought of being a curator? Now is your chance to see what they face on a daily basis. 4. The museum's very own Paola Morsiani, Curator of Contemporary Art, organized this event so come and show your love and support of not only the museum but of contemporary art! 5. Not a fan of contemporary art? Why not give it another chance! Remember, Monet and Michelangelo were contemporary artists back in their days. If we do not support today’s innovators, then who will our grandchildren learn about in art class?

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